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lucid Multimedia Announces Rebranding from 4V LIVE, Signifying a New Era of Innovation & Creativity

San Diego, California, January 13th, 2023— 4v Company is excited to announce the rebranding of its virtual entertainment division, 4V LIVE, to lucid Multimedia. The new brand reflects the company's commitment to empowering virtual content creators to create captivating experiences for VTuber fans.

The 6-person English-speaking VTuber talents Vivian Voss, Orion Juno, Angelina Kumalo, Boomi Mamana, Neiomi Cielo, and Roza Coatl will continue to perform their VTuber activities under lucid Multimedia's talent management division. The new brand name, lucid Multimedia, represents the company's focus on delivering impactful multimedia content that helps its creators tell their stories effectively and engage their audience.

"We are excited to embark on this new chapter as lucid Multimedia," said Jane Lee, Head of Talent Management of 4v Company. "This rebranding represents our focus on delivering innovative content and our commitment to supporting our talents in their endeavors."

Lucid Multimedia will continue to operate under 4v Company, its parent company based in San Diego, California. In the coming months, lucid Multimedia will hold VTuber auditions and expand its global reach, with plans to bring its services to new markets worldwide.

"We are dedicated to pushing the creative boundaries of what is possible in the digital entertainment industry," said Lee. "We can't wait to unveil our upcoming projects and expand our global reach."


About lucid Multimedia

Lucid Multimedia is a US-based virtual entertainment talent agency that provides VTubers and content creators with a platform to entertain, educate, or inspire audiences using their artistic expression.

For more information about lucid Multimedia, please visit

About 4v Company

4v Company (4v Inc) is a privately held American holding company specializing in virtual entertainment, digital marketing, and eCommerce. With a focus on consulting and investing in entrepreneurial expansions, 4v is dedicated to helping businesses succeed in the virtual space.

4v was initially founded on the principles of people-first and radical freedom of expression, and the name originally stood for "For virtual content creators." This mentality is at the core of 4v's philosophy, and the company is committed to supporting and empowering the creativity and innovation of its clients and partners.

For more information about 4v Company, please visit



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