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[DEBUT ANNOUNCEMENT] Discover New Legends: lucid Multimedia Unveils Newest Class of Virsonas!

Introducing the newest additions to lucid Multimedia's roster of VTuber talents: the "Legends" class!

Let's get to know STAR2D2 and Tea the Khajiit, two unique Virsonas ready to shake up the virtual world:

STAR2D2 is your sleep paralysis demon with fangs! (and a purple tongue). STAR2D2 has traveled from beyond the cosmos to terrorize the dreamscape. Whether it be through her soft and alluring ASMR streams, her nail-biting horror gaming streams, or her hilarious VR misadventures, Star is going to find her way into your dreams one way or another! The only question is, will you let her in?

Tea is a catgirl (also known as a Khajiit) mage from another world. In a strange twist of fate, she was sucked into a portal to the dreamscape and has been struggling to find her way back to her home world ever since. When she’s not tending to her storefront, this mischievous, 3-potato-tall cat spends her days up to no good. Her crimes include: being too darn cute, crafting exotic potions without a license, and tax evasion.

Join STAR2D2 and Tea's debut streams as lucid VTubers, featuring new assets such as new models, new emotes, and new overlays and catch the "Legends" class hype!

Debut Stream Details

STAR2D2's Debut Stream:

Date: Friday, April 5th

Time: 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 8pm GMT 

Tea the Khajit's Debut Stream:

Date: Friday, April 12th

Time: 5pm PST / 8pm EST / 12am GMT

Discover New Legends in the making by following their social media channels for sneak peeks, updates, teasers, and more.

STAR2D2 Social Links

Tea Social Links


About lucid Multimedia

lucid Multimedia: a US-based VTuber agency empowering creators to unleash their creativity. We strive to make dreams reality, enrich lives, and create awesome experiences.


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