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Welcome Xander Fangsworth: The Encore of the Bloody Jester

Get ready for an unforgettable performance as we welcome Xander Fangsworth, the beloved royal-jester-turned-vampire, onto the world of lucid Multimedia! We're excited to introduce our new talent class, the "lucid NOCTURNES", with Xander Fangsworth as its inaugural member.

Known for his playful trickery, haughty demeanor, and a unique fusion of mischief and sadism, Xander will be making his grand return on July 8th at 9pm EST with a highly-anticipated comeback stream on YouTube, his primary platform.

But before the main event, we have a special treat lined up! Tune into Xander's YouTube channel on July 8th at 8:50pm EST for the drop of his dazzling "King" song cover.

Join us for these exciting events and follow Xander on his social channels to stay updated!


Xander Fangsworth Social Links


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