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Announcement regarding Roza Coatl / Gini Mercury

Thank you for supporting lucid Multimedia.

We would like to inform you that, as of June 5, 2023, Roza Coatl, also known as Gini Mercury, will be continuing her activities as an independent VTuber, transitioning from her current affiliation with lucid Multimedia. This decision is not a termination but the result of careful consideration and a mutual agreement between both parties.

Roza has always sought authenticity in her creative expression, occasionally feeling confined within the framework of a "corporate VTuber." We respect and understand her sentiments and, to support her aspirations, we've transferred her IP rights. In a cooperative gesture, Roza has provided a limited exclusive license for official Roza Coatl / Gini Mercury merchandise. We will feature her merchandise on lucid's official shop and at the Offkai Expo, as part of our ongoing and future "Creator Collab" collection.

As a wholly self-funded multimedia company, we maintain a stance of neutrality towards the content our VTubers produce, upholding our dedication to providing a platform for unrestricted creative expression. Our aim is to support and protect our talents, enabling them to manifest their vision without fear of retribution. While we never aspired to dictate the direction of artistic and cultural content, we remain committed to these ideals, recognizing the importance of safeguarding our talents from unwarranted defamation or harassment stemming from individual opinions, regardless of their controversial nature.

In line with this, we value engaging, respectful, and thought-provoking discussions across all platforms, including livestreams and social media like Twitter. We respect each talent's individuality, while understanding the need for a balanced approach to public discussions that preserves the reputation and interests of all talents. A key discussion with Roza revolved around balancing stream conversations with social media interaction. Roza chose a different approach, a decision we wholeheartedly respect.

We extend our deepest appreciation to all our fans and related parties for the support you have offered throughout Roza's activities since her revival stream at lucid. We hold Roza in the highest regard and greatly appreciate her contributions; as such, we kindly request that you continue to support her as an independent VTuber.

We look forward to your continued support and appreciation for our company and the talents affiliated with us.

Thank you very much,

lucid Multimedia Management Team


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