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What is lucid Multimedia?

lucid Multimedia is a US-based virtual entertainment talent agency that offers VTubers and digital content creators a dynamic platform to unleash their full creative potential. By championing the boundless freedom of artistic expression, we strive to transform dreams into reality, enrich lives, and create positive, impactful experiences.

lucid Multimedia's mission is to democratize the business of the entertainment industry for content creators. We believe that artists affiliated with a company should have the right to radical freedom of speech and access to ethical business support. Owned and operated by 4v Inc.

What is a Virsona?

A “virsona” is a term for a lucid Multimedia virtual content creator (or "lucid VTuber").

What distinguishes an adoption-style VTuber audition from a traditional audition that offers a new model/identity?

In an adoption-style audition, we embrace VTubers as they are, without requiring them to relinquish their unique identities. Talents maintain ownership of their intellectual property.


Are traditional VTuber auditions an option?

While we have inquiries about traditional VTuber auditions in our application form, our primary focus is on the adoption-style audition for this iteration. However, based on applicant feedback, we may reconsider offering traditional auditions.


How can I participate in the VTuber audition?

To apply, visit the audition page on lucid Multimedia website here or visit and follow the instructions provided on the audition page.


Do I need to have experience in VTubing to apply?

No, experience in VTubing or live streaming is not required. The audition is open to all talented individuals who are passionate about creating engaging virtual content, although it is helpful to have past relevant experiences. If you do not have a VTuber IP at the time of application, we would still encourage you to apply as we may make special case-by-case exceptions.


When is the application deadline for the adoption-style VTuber audition?

Auditions are currently closed. Please follow us on our socials to be the first to know when auditions re-open.

What benefits do you provide to your talents?

Our support includes talent management, merchandising, networking, and individualized stipends for necessary equipment and art. Our goal is to cultivate an environment that encourages our Virsonas to fully express their creativity with minimal limitations.

How much influence does your agency have over your talents' creative decisions?

We uphold a Code of Conduct, but we do not impose contractual restrictions on content creation, as we believe in fostering a sense of radical freedom of expression.

Can I apply if I'm located outside of the United States or if I'm an international applicant?

Though we may occasionally make exceptions for non-US or international applicants on a case-by-case basis, please be aware that we have a strong preference for US-based talents. We still encourage you to audition, understanding our general inclination.

"(If I auditioned before) Can I re-audition in the future?"

Absolutely! We encourage applicants to re-audition for future opportunities. However, resubmitting immediately after receiving audition results may not lead to a re-review of your application.

"How can I find out if my application was rejected/accepted?"

Applicants who are accepted or rejected will receive an email within 4-6 weeks. Due to the high volume of applications, we regret that we cannot provide individualized feedback for each applicant.

Are you accepting male/non-binary VTubers for auditions?

Yes! We are happy to accept auditions from male/non-binary VTubers. 😃 We believe in welcoming and embracing talents of all genders, so everyone is encouraged to apply!

Are you hiring?

Please visit for more information.

I want to volunteer/intern! What can I do?

Please speak with our Talent & Community Coordinator Boogie (Twitter) or join our Discord channel and inquire! We are currently not accepting any interns at the moment. Please note that all volunteers and mods must sign a Release of Liability form.

Who are your current talents?

Please visit our Virsonas™ page and consider following our Virsonas™ on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter if you haven’t already!


  • Be 18 years or older

  • Ability to deliver content continuously for at least 10 months

  • Ability to deliver content 12 hours a month, approximately three 1-hour streams a week

  • Be a US Citizen or US Permanent Resident

  • Reliable internet access and a computer

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